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This is a focused symposium with exclusively invited speakers in the scientific sections of the conference. A limited number of contributing posters are available, and the selectivity is defined by the size of the venue


Industrial contributors have option to present their activity with a talk at the Industrial Forum

Registration fees :
  • Scientific poster contributions: SGD 600 

  • Industrial Forum contribution: SGD 1,200

To register, please send email to and you will receive the registration link.


Abstract submissions

Download abstract template.

Please send you abstract to


The presentation are conducted in person, and timed at 25 minutes + 5 minutes quesions (30 min total). There is no hybrid options, and there will be no recording of the talks. 


The poster size is A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm) or A1 (594 mm  x  841 mm) in portrait orientation (longer side is vertical). Posters will be installed on Wed 18.01. morning, starting from 8am. They will be removed the same day by 5pm in the evening. 


Water-energy nexus and new-paradigm membranes

  • Monoatomic 2D membranes

  • Laminar membranes based 2D materials

  • Bio-mimicking membranes

  • Artificial water channels

  • New paradigms in cleantech  and energy conversion 

Nanofluidics for biomolecules

  • Solid-state and 2D nanopores

  • Proteins and hybrid nanopores

  • Biomimicking molecular devices

  • Single-molecule DNA and protein sequencing

  • Dynamics of biomolecules in tight confinements

Nanofluidics fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of molecular transport in extreme confinement 

  • Phase transitions in nanoscale constrictions

  • Nanofluidics with 2D materials

  • Hard vs Soft matter interfaces

  • New techniques and tools

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