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Nanofluidic Symposium
Singapore, Jan 18-20 2023

Meet the trailblazing scientists and technologists in Singapore and stalk the new frontier of nanofluidics. Explore the science of water and molecules in nanoscale constrictions, and its application in medicine, energy and cleantech.

Molecules Bio


New material and biological systems appearing in the last years allowed us to investigate curious new phenomena where liquid in confined in constrictions comparable to molecular sizes. The new frontier in nanofluidics is opened by graphene and 2D materials, biological and artificial nanochannels, as well as variety of new experimental tools.


Nanopore sensors

Understanding the behaviour of biomolecules, DNA and proteins, and viruses in nanometer-scale pores is leading us to new genomic and proteomic tools, new diagnostics tools and medical devices. This trend is increasingly coupling and cross-pollinating semiconducting and biotech industries. 

Cliffs and River

Water-Energy Nexus

Unprecedented environmental challenges necessitate new solutions in separation and energy harvesting technologies. The advent of nanofluidics opened up new paradigms in membrane design and applications - but also revealed some important fundamental questions.

Confirmed speakers (and more) 


University of Manchester, UK
Nobel Prize 2010


University of Washington,


Breakthrough Prize 2021


Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  USA


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National University of Singapore


National University of Singapore

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