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New-Paradigm membranes
Wed 18.01. at 3pm


Divining the behavior of water, ions, and molecules in variety of extreme confinements is crucial to understand – and harness – a variety of phenomena in diverse research fields such as biomedical science, water-energy nexus, and nanoscale science.    

Recent revolution in nanofluidics already inspired new paradigms in membrane design, new single-molecule DNA sequencing and protein analysis technologies, bioparticle manipulation techniques, and biomimicking molecular devices.


The new technological and scientific frontier beckons. 


With Nanofludic SG Symposium, we bring together a selected group of top researchers and pioneers that defined the field, and we aim to chart a map of challenges and future discoveries. Joined by trailblazing technologists, we explore how these new discoveries could affect  different industries in the fields of cleantech, energy technologies, biomedical and semiconductor technology.  


Water-energy nexus and new-paradigm membranes

  • Monoatomic 2D membranes

  • Laminar membranes based 2D materials

  • Bio-mimicking membranes

  • Artificial water channels

  • New paradigms in cleantech  and energy conversion 

Nanofluidics for biomolecules

  • Solid-state and 2D nanopores

  • Proteins and hybrid nanopores

  • Bio-mimicking molecular devices

  • Single-molecule DNA and protein sequencing

  • Dynamics of biomolecules in tight confinements

Nanofluidics fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of molecular transport in extreme confinement 

  • Phase transitions in nanoscale constrictions

  • Nanofluidics with 2D materials

  • Hard vs Soft matter interfaces

  • New techniques and tools

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