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Visiting Singapore

Around Singapore

Singapore is a city state on a small island, with well developed public transportation network, walking trails and taxi options. Everything is at the fingertips, even wild animals such as pythons and salt-lake crocodiles. Masks are required only in the public transport. 

Pandemic rules

Please check the traveller requirements entry into Singapore (e.g. negative covid test), but Singapore is commited to remain open and we do not expect many impediments.

List of accepted vaccination certificates by country is available here

Within Singapore, masks are not required, except in the public transport. Local populations has a high level of vaccination, with 3-4 doses of a vaccine.

From/to Airport

The easiest way to reach the airport is by taxi. It will take around 30 minutes and cost around 30 SGD to reach the hotel from the airport. There are public transportation options as well, but they take much longer

Symposium Shuttle

Shuttle service will be provided from the hotel to the Symposium venue every morning at 8:15 am. No transportation is provided from the venue to the hotel in the afternoon, but they are close to each other.

Transportation will be provided to the dinner venue on Thursday.

Campus shuttle

The symposium is taking place with NUS campus, and there are different university shuttle busses that could take you around the campus. Please check the shuttle service map and information


The easiest way to get around is to use one of the raid hailing apps: Grab or Gojek, or to use proper taxi app Taxi ComfortDelgro. The rides are comparatively cheap, comfortable and easy to find.

Public Transport

Singapore has a well developed network of metro train and buse lines (SMRT). Google maps would provide you with the optimal route, and help you track the vehicles int the real time.

To pay for the ride, you could either buy a dedicated, refillable  SMRT cash card, or just use your Apple Wallet on your mobile phone. You need to tap the card (or phone) at the entrance and tap it again at the exit -- the fare is automatically calculated. 


Weather and Climate

Singapore is placed at 1 degree north of equator, the climate is tropical, warm and humid. Weather does not change much during the year. 


Every day of the year, temperature is between 31C - 33C, with varying degree of humidity, but mostly very humid. During the night, the temperature does not drop much, and it remains hot.

The hotel has an outdoor swimming pools on the roof - we suggest you to bring the swimming suit. Try a refreshing swim before sunrise, or in the evening. 

Sunrise / sunset

The sun rises at 7am and sets at 7pm, with 15 minutes variation throughout the year.


Indoor spaces are heavily air-conditioned, to the point where it might be too cold. This is specially the case  for the official buildings, including our conference venue. We suggest you bring a jacket or pullover. 


It rains every day, but usually it pours down and out within 15 minutes. Often, it is not noticed. No one carries around umbrella, and you will not need it neither.

Things to see

Singapore offers a rich tapestry of cultures, that reflects in arhcitecture, food, and customs. 


The best way is to think about Singapore as a tropical rainforest, with transient dash of a high-rising city. The vegetation and animal life is abundant. It is a bird-watcher's paradise.

There are nice jungle-hiking opportunities, where you could ecounter varity of wildlife (monkeys everywhere, birds, calugo, mousedeer, salt-water crocodile… ). If interested, bring trainers / walking shoes.

Zoo / Aquarium

Singapore zoo is (one of) the best in the world, animals have special open enclosures without visible barriers. Aquarium hold the same distinction. 

Pubs, Skypubs, cocktail bars

As a international hub, Singapore has a thriving pub/clubbing scene, with many places trying to outdo the others. Check out one of the roof-top bars at the top of the skyscrapers, or find obnoxiously hidden cocktail bars. Areas: Chinatown, Arab Street, Holland Village, Financial Centre -- they all offer a different vibe, and different type of pubs. 


Food is everywhere, it is a national pastime. It is very varied and very tasty. Try some local dishes, or any other cuisine from the world ( →google maps, →tripadvisor). Check out traditional Hokka centres, where good, cheap outdoor dining brings people together - think about it as the street food on the next level.

Are you brave enough to try Durian, the king of fruit? If so, talk to the organisers. 

Marina Bay Sands 

Marina Bay Sands is a must see place in Singapore, with amazing views and restaurants,  and abhorring shopping opportunities. Skip the observation deck at the MarinaBS hotel, and head directly to Ce La Vie roof-toop bar - the view is better, and the price of a drink is cheaper that the observation deck ticket. 

Do not miss nearby Garden by the Bay, with its amazing solarpunk aesthetics. 

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